Zinnia elegans Queeny Lime Orange

Gold Medal Approved Novelty

Introducing the next leading lady to the garden: Zinnia elegans Queeny Lime Orange from Hugo Dittmar. The unique colour combination of soft orange and trendy lime puts this beauty straight in the focus of every garden lover. Queeny Lime Orange not only flowers continuously and looks spectacular in borders, but can also be used as a cut flower in bouquets.

A Gold Medal symbolises a genuine breakthrough in breeding and that’s exactly what this Zinnia has achieved. The Fleuroselect jury was convinced of the new colour combination of this beauty and therefore awarded Queeny Lime Orange with a Gold Medal.

Queeny Lime Orange is also the recipient of the All-America Selections award for performance in North American trials. 

Market Information

This newcomer reaches about 80 cm of height and fits perfectly in any existing Zinnia growing scheme. The striking colour combination will ensure success at point of sale. Consumers will adore Queeny Lime Orange for its exceptional colour play, outstanding garden performance and cut flower possibilities. Queeny Lime Orange, an innovative royal colour combination for the Zinnia market.

Background Information

Zinnias are annuals, shrubs, and sub-shrubs native to South America. They are popular garden flowers because they come in a wide range of flower colours and shapes, can withstand hot summer temperatures and are easy to grow from seeds. Zinnias are grown in fertile, humus-rich, and well-drained soil, in an area with full sun. With Queeny Lime Orange, Hugo Dittmar has accomplished a trendy, vibrant new colour combination that will conquer the market in no time!

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
New colour combination in Zinnia elegans
Lime Orange
Double; 7-8 cm diameter
Annual, O.P.
Bedding plant, cut flower
Approx. 100-130 seeds per gram; germination rate 80-90%
Height 80-100 cm, spread 30-40 cm

Sow in the pack at 20-22°C or in the garden in April. Do not pinch during the rooting stage. Grow at 15-18°C and plant out as of mid-May.

Plant 12-20 plants per m2 in a sunny spot; planting distance is 5-25 cm x 25 cm. Vase life is 14 days.

Registration details

Hugo Dittmar Distribution: Floragran
Entry number:
Protection Period:
15 years
Expiry Date: