Dianthus chinensis Raspberry Parfait

Gold Medal

Raspberry Parfait received the Fleuroselect Gold Medal for its attractiveness and distinctness. The Dianthus is a compact, very free flowering bedding plant. The blush crimson blooms have a deep crimson center. Similar to sister variety Strawberry Parfait, the name is the best indication for the colour and pattern.

In detail

Raspberry Parfait is a compact, early flowering new variety. From the very beginning it is floriferous and gives a tempting colour effect in the garden. The colour - blush crimson with a deep crimson center - contrasts very well with modern pastel trends. This 1991 Gold Medal winner is the best choice of its kind for both the professional grower and the home gardener. Fleuroselect awarded its Gold Medal to Raspberry Parfait and to its lighter coloured sister variety Strawberry Parfait. Their earliness, compactness and floriferousness ensure these varieties a top place in the pot and bedding plant market. Professional growers will benefit by the earliness and compactness. The richness of flowers at the point of sale quarantees success. The plants are very uniform in growth and habit. Home gardeners find Raspberry Parfait easy to grow. They can raise uniform, compact plants without the use of chemicals. In the garden they blend well with Strawberry Parfait and contrast beautifully with Coreopsis Early Sunrise or Cosmos Sonata. There are many applications for Dianthus, including pots, balcony boxes, tubs, flower beds and flower arrangements. The choice in Dianthus is enormous, but Raspberry Parfait as well as Strawberry Parfait deserves a separate place in the assortment.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
Attractive, distinct, compact, free flowering
Blush crimson with deep crimson center
Diameter 4,5 cm., single
Flowering Period:
Early and throughout the summer
F1 hybrid, diploid, annual
1200 seeds per gram. 85% germination, germination time 7-14 days
Compact, height 15 cm., spread 20 cm

Sow 9-10 weeks before sales at ±20°C

Registration details

Syngenta/Goldsmith Seed
Entry number:
Protection Period:
0 years