Dahlia x hybrida Sincerity


For giant and dazzling, meet Sincerity from Syngenta Flowers. This new Dahlia’s fully double flowers can reach a diameter of over 20 cm! Sincerity features a multitude of early blooms showcasing large pink and white bi-color flowers with just a touch of yellow at their centre. This newcomer is compact and well-branched, providing a well-shaped backdrop for the showy blooms. Displaying best in mid to late summer and early fall, this Dahlia is a smart choice for landscaping and large planters, or to fill the first holes in perennial borders. Sincerity is an excellent garden performer with massive colour impact that will convince retail and consumers.

Dahlia Sincerity: the king-sized flower!

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
Extremely large fully double flowers on a well branching semi-compact plant. Flowers can be more than 20 cm in diameter!
Rose-white bi-colour
Double, 15 - 20 cm diameter
Bedding, container

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