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Celosia argentea Sol™ Gekko Green

Gold Medal Approved Novelty

Feel like adding a different look and texture to your patio or border? With Foliage Celosia Sol™ Gekko Green, PanAmerican Seed expands the options for sun-loving foliage accent plants in containers as well as for quick-growing, low, shrub-like plants that look wonderful at the front of the border. This Celosia from seed flowers very late so the flowers don’t draw the attention away from the unique bicolour green burgundy foliage.
A Gold Medal represents a breakthrough in breeding and that’s precisely what Sol™ Gekko Green is. The judges praised the beautiful colour contrast and the outstanding garden performance and see a huge commercial potential for this Celosia not only in mixed containers but also in landscaping. Sol™ Gekko Green, for a trendy look on the terrace and garden.

Market Value

Foliage plants are becoming increasingly popular. Sol™ Gekko Green is an worthy alternative for Coleus and offers new possibilities in the green pot and bedding segment. This Celosia allows a fast production schedule and has no downy mildew issues. It holds very well on the shelves and offers retailers additional possibilities to develop trendy concepts for the patio and garden. Also landscapers will appreciate this fast grower with eyecatching foliage that requires no maintenance. Finally, consumers can add more green to their patio planters and garden beds and create a fun, contemporary look for their outside space.

Background Information

Celosia argentea, commonly known as the plumed cockscomb, is a herbaceous plant of tropical origin that is known for its very bright flower colours. PanAmerican Seed has succeeded in creating a Celosia from seed that flowers very late and has tiny flowers, thus putting the bicolored foliage in the spotlight. An impressive breeding achievement that will have impact on the foliage pot and bedding market.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
Unique foliage celosia with bicolor green burgundy foliage
Foliage bicolour green burgundy
Annual, O.P.
Patio plant
Approx. 1200 seeds per gram; germination rate 80%
Height 20-30 cm, spread 35-40 cm

Sow in the pack at 22-24°C at the end of April. Put 1 seed in a 288 tray and keep covered and
slightly moist. Grow at 18-20°C and transplant 3-4 weeks after growing. Do not use PGR. Can not handle frost. Keep moist, avoid drying out.

Plant out 8 plants per m2 at 40 x 40 cm planting distance in a sunny spot or 3 plants in a 21-23 cm container.

Registration details

PanAmerican Seed
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Protection Period:
8 years
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