Cosmos bipinnatus Sonata White

Gold Medal

Cosmos Bipinnatus 'Sonata' White is one Fleuroselect Medal Winner, that really is an asset to the assortment of medium dwarf bedding plants. The flowers of this white Cosmos measure 7 cm. diameter, growing to a height of 60 cm and a spread of 40 cm.' Sonata' is a beautiful border flower, but due to its compact growth is also splendid on its own and in patio tubs.

In detail

Cosmos bipinnatus  was in the early 90's  rather unknown as a bedding plant. 'Sonata' opened up good perspectives to this bedding plant. Like all Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winners making it a welcome addition to the species. 'Sonata' differs from other Cosmos bipinnatus in its compactness, uniformity and floridity. Often regarded a less important bedding plant, annual white Cosmos broke through with Sonata. Home gardeners can easily grow 'Sonata', the germination and free flowering capacity quarantee success. It can be sown indoors, as well as on the spot after the frosts are over. If sown in gentle warmth during February and March, germination usually takes under two weeks. Seedlings are then pricked out to other trays and can be planted out to their permanent positions in May. Cosmos certainly is a most accommodating annual, and does well in full sun. 'Sonata' produces a mass of white blooms from June to late September. Imagine a border with white Cosmos 'Sonata' behind red Eschscholtzia Dalli and next to yellow Coreopsis Early Sunrise! Reaching for perfection? Grow some red Lobelia Compliment Scarlet between them and somewhere around June you'll find out how Fleuroselect Medal Winners decorate the world.

Technical information

White with golden base
7 cm diameter, single
Flowering Period:
June to late September
Open Pollinated, diploid, annual
Bedding plant
250 seeds per gram, 85% germination at approx. 18°C, germination time 10-14 days
Height 60 cm, spread 40 cm, green, tender

Sow outdoors when frosts are over, or sow in greenhouse

After the frosts in full sun

Registration details

PanAmerican Seed
Entry number:
Protection Period:
0 years