Nemesia strumosa Sundrops

Gold Medal

With the arrival of Sundrops the Nemesia, normally a hobby gardener item, enters the domain of the professional grower. This new variety is a good germinator, has a short culture period, is compact and uniform and blooms profusely in a pallet of strong colours: gold, yellow, red, pink and white. Sundrops is the exciting new addition to a rather venerable assortment of annuals. It is a real eye catcher in the garden centre and rewards the buyer with irresistible colours in the garden, on the balcony, or on the patio where it blooms from May to October. A sun lover as the name suggests Sundrops will also surprise by performing well in the shade or in a cooler spot, growing outside to a height and spread of 25 cm. In short Nemesia Sundrops has earned the famous Fleuroselect Gold Medal for its ornamental value and innovation.

In Detail

Nemesia Sundrops is at last a real novelty in the summer bedding plant assortment. Nemesia has always been a seed product for the amateur gardener, but the situation is finally changing. Sundrops is a Nemesia which at last offers important news for the professional grower, one of the main reasons it was awarded the famous Fleuroselect Gold Medal. Fundamentally, this garden bouquet is the most beautiful Gold Medal winner in years. Easy germination, a short cultivation period and compact uniform crop are the key phrases describing this early, lavishly flowering Nemesia. At 20°C, 85% of the seed germinates within two weeks. Grow on at 18 °C and within 14 weeks of sowing Nemesia Sundrops parades its colours: golden yellow, clear pink, sunset red, flaming orange and creamy white. Thanks to its earliness, Sundrops is already in flower as the plants are delivered to the garden centre where they can immediately be snapped up by the consumer looking for colour in the garden after the dark winter. Nemesia has its roots in southern Africa, but this does not mean that Sundrops is only suitable for light, sunny areas in the garden. In the cooler, shadier spots, this Nemesia can provide a welcome splash of colour and its splendour can also add the final touch to the patio or balcony. Nemesia Sundrops can be sown in the greenhouse from the beginning of April, outside a month later. As a light germinator the seed should be left uncovered. Sundrops will grow to both a height and width of approximately 25 cm and flowers from May to the first frosts in October.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
First compact, early Nemesia in brilliant colours suitable for professional growers
Mixture of gold, yellow, pink, red and white in strong shades
Single flower, diameter 2.5 cm
Flowering Period:
July to October
Annual, open pollinated, diploid
Bedding, container and pot plant for professional growers and amateur gardeners
5000 seeds per gram, 85% germination
Compact bushy plant, 25 cm high and 25 cm wide, 15 cm in the pot

Germination at approx. 20 °C within 2 weeks. Grow on at 18°C

Plant out in a light spot

Registration details

PanAmerican Seed
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Protection Period:
0 years