Petunia cultivars SweetSunshine® Provence

Gold Medal Approved Novelty

The breeder of Petunia Cultivars SweetSunshine® Provence drew inspiration from the romantic, rich colours of the French lavender landscape in designing this breakthrough in small, double-flowered petunias. He succeeded in creating a variety which is also early, sturdy and has the cutest flowers. The variety is moreover easy to control in smaller pots, covers the ground with masses of blue and stands out in bigger baskets making it the perfect Petunia to recapture the holiday sunshine in the home garden.


In detail

The Fleuroselect judges in awarding the variety a Fleuroselect Gold Medal were particularly impressed with SweetSunshine® Provence's vigour and colour shading, citing it as a strong, versatile performer and an excellent addition to the current range of semi-trailing, double-flowered petunias.


Petunia Cultivars SweetSunshine® Provence is the absolute ornamental bedding plant for worldwide use in borders, containers and baskets. It thrives in a temperate climate and loves the sun.

Market Details

The grower will find SweetSunshine® Provence easy to grow and easy to handle. The retailer will find the variety simple to sell due to its striking colour and excellent shelf appearance. The consumer will love this new double Petunia as it provides romantic flair in the garden reminiscent of a holiday in the Provence.

Background information

It is almost two centuries since the Englishman James Atkins first prototyped the modern garden Petunia, but it was the 1990’s that saw the new sensation from Japan: richly flowering trailing Petunia’s from cuttings rather than seed.  Following on from the development of single-flowered varieties, double-flowered Petunias were found to be particularly suitable to vegetative rather than generative propagation. Petunia Cultivars SweetSunshine® Provence is the latest addition to this category and stands out due to its uniquely small flowers on semi-trailing plants, making it excellent for both ground and pot coverage.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
Smaller double Petunia flowers with an outstanding flower combination. Easy to control in smaller pots and afterwards growing really good and easily in the ground. Nice ground cover.
Shades of blue
Double, 3-4 cm
Flowering Period:
Spring to Autumn
Annual, semi-trailing
Bedding, containers and baskets. Particularly suitable for larger containers.
cutting-raised variety
Height: 30 cm, spread: 50 cm

Variety is available as un-rooted or rooted cutting. Pot in T11 to T13 from week 5 to week 12. Pinch one week after potting. Temperature:  1st–3rd week: heating (average day temperature): 18 °C day and night ventilation temperature: 22– 22 °C. Later: heating (average night temperature): 14 °C. Day and night ventilation temperature: 16 –18 °C. Start feeding no later than 2 weeks after potting making sure that the plants are given enough Fe. For natural growth retardant use cool morning when shoots are 3 cm long. At 4 a.m. lower the temperature to 8°C for 6 hours. Petunias need a lot of light. Only use shading when growth retardants or chemical treatments are used.

Plant out in the full sun. Planting distance 30 x 50 cm or 4 plants per m²

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