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Dianthus hybrida Telstar Crimson

Gold Medal

This bright crimson bedding plant has a particularly long flowering period. It is very vigorous and adaptable to different planting times. The mound shaped plants become covered in 2,5cm blooms in a very short time. Telstar Crimson is ideal for flowers beds, window boxes and patio tubs.

In detail

Telstar Crimson is an early flowering variety which will give a very long and prolific display of vibrant crimson blooms. Producing uniform, compact mounds of colour, 30cm high and across, it is the best example of Dianthus available as a separate colour, for use as a bedding plant.Many older varieties of bedding plants Dianthus needed early sowing and a period of lower temperatures to ensure full flower production. Telstar Crimson, like Telstar Mixed, a 1982 Fleuroselect winner, will flower freely regardless of sowing time and without cool treatment. The new introduction is easy to grow. Professional growers will produce flowers in about 9 weeks at 20°C in packs, at a height of about 10cm without use of growth retardants. Home gardeners can raise plants at lower temperatures after they have germinated, but of course they will take a little longer to flower. Alternatively they can purchase plants as they begin to flower. The plants are quite resistant to cold and may be planted out in late Spring, before the last frost, providing they have been accustomed to lower tem peratures. They quickly branch to produce many stems with a large number of bright crimson flowers up to 2,5cm across on each, to contrast with the deep green foliage. The display is maintained over a long period. Even in warmer climates, whilst there may be a short break, repeat flowering occurs quickly. Telstar Crimson blends pleasantly with pink bedding plants such as Petunias and Impatiens. In window boxes and patio tubs, it contrasts well with white and yellow flowers such as tuberous begonias.

Technical information

2,5 cm blooms
Bedding and container plant
950 seeds per gram, 1.5 grams for 1000 plants, 85% germination

Sow 9-10 weeks before spring sales at 20 - 25 °C, Avoid damping of with standard chemicals, germination time 7 -14 days. Grow on at 16 - 18 °C

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