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Lycopersicon esculentum Tiny Temptations F1 Orange

Gold Medal Approved Novelty

The new cherry tomato Tiny Temptations F1 Orange stands out not only for its bright orange fruits but also for its wonderful flavour. The ultra-sweet cherry fruits of this variety are a real breeding breakthrough in trailing tomatoes. The bushy plants with their small, sturdy green leaves are highly tolerant to Phytophthora, not susceptible to mildew and therefore easy to grow. In addition, the abundant flowers are a magnet for bees.

The Gold Medal stands for a genuine breakthrough in breeding. The Fleuroselect jury praised the delicious taste and excellent plant habit with multiple branches bearing a constant supply of new fruits. From balcony over patio to garden bed, Tiny Temptations will seduce in every green spot.

Market Value

Tiny Temptations F1 Orange is the ideal snack tomato for packet seeds, young plants or finished containers/pot plants with green fruits. In containers, it can be produced without pinching or the use of growth regulators. Its outstanding fruit quality is also retained on the sales floor. The countless snack fruits stay on the plant for a long time and do not drop easily or burst.

This attractive, robust and highly productive tomato plant for container or bedding use will appeal to consumers looking for a decorative variety that produces an abundance of highly flavoursome cherry tomatoes. Tiny Temptations will seduce the entire

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
Dwarf tomato with bright orange fruit colour and excellent taste
Yellow flower, orange tomatoes
8-12 gr/tomato
Annual, F1 hybrid, diploïd
Patio, hanging basket
400 s/gr; 85% germination
Height 25 cm, width 35 cm, mounding plant shape

Transplant when plugs are fully rooted with short internodes. Plant one plug in 15-17 cm pots or 2-3 in 25-35 cm baskets/containers. Continue to grow at 21-25°C. Pinching above the 3rd leaf will create a more compact plant. Tomato plants have a high fertilization need. After germination watering with 2,5 EC with macro and micro elements supports growth. The plants will show colour and be ready to sell 10-12 weeks after planting.

Registration details

Entry number:
Protection Period:
15 years
Expiry Date: