Fragaria x ananassa Duch. Toscana


Once again, the FleuroStar is awarded to a product with a real ‘Wow’ effect. This is an important criteria used by the professional jury, an independent panel of professionals from the ornamentals industry, in assessing the annual nominations for this prestigious award. The jury, acting on behalf of Fleuroselect, quickly agreed that Toscana was the absolute winner, and is a product with great potential, fitting into the current trend amongst critical consumers for ‘edible ornamentals’.


Strawberry Toscana’s decorative, deep rose flowers give the promiseof a tasty temptation: dark red, juicy fruit with a genuine ‘strawberry taste’! Multifunctional Toscana can be used creatively as a bedding plant, is ideal for patio or terrace pots and is an edible jewel on any balcony. Whether planted on its own or in combinations with edible herbs or ornamental bedding Plants, Toscana is an irresistible temptation.‘Toscana’ makes it simple for growers to grow strawberry plants with F1 hybrid uniformity and a high ornamental flower value simply and efficiently, in programs with other bedding and patio plants. Toscana is suitable for self-sowing or available in plugs from plug producers, and guarantees growers a healthy, virus-free crop without problems.

Market Value

Strawberry Toscana can be marketed in various stages: flowering or fruit carrying. Retailers can use various concepts such as decorative pots or wicker baskets to easily cash in with this product on the ‘edible ornamentals’ trend for choosy consumers. ‘Grow it yourself’ is in fashion, and Toscana fits perfectly into this lifestyle trend. The abundant deep pink flowers add an extra dimension to this ornamental and edible strawberry. All summer long, Consumers will enjoy the colourful flowers that appear from the heart of the plant and along the runners, and which later produce juicy, deep red fruits. Used alone, Toscana is a jewel for any terrace or balcony, but it is also ideal for stylish combinations with bedding plants or other ‘edibles’ such as herbs. Another tasty tip is to combine Toscana with other pink or white flowering strawberries from the ABZ collection - so many colours and tastes to choose from.

Background information

The Fragaria is a member of the Rose family (Rosaceae) and belongs to the group of perennials. Toscana is developed from the ancestor of almost all strawberry varieties, Fragaria x ananassa, originating in France in the 18th Century. Since then the strawberry has been a classic fruit favourite that can be found in many gardens. Toscana is an ever-bearing variety that can be easily and uniformly raised from seed, with an excellent combination of ornamental value and taste. This unique combination was judged by the Fleuroselect jury to be a winning breakthrough, fitting perfectly into the lifestyle trend for ‘ornamental edibles’.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
Seed-raised strawberry with attractive flowers and tasty fruit, ideal for patios and balconies, long flowering with a rich harvest, healthy and delicious
Deep pink flowers / deep red fruit
Single flowers with a diameter up to 4 cm, in clusters, also along the runners; flower looks like a small wild rose
Flowering Period:
From April until first frosts
F1 hybrid, perennial and hardy to frost
Decorative patio and balcony plant, bedding plant in ornamental or vegetable beds
Height 20-30 cm, Spread 30-40 cm with runners up to 1m in length which carry flowers and fruit, from the first season onwards

Easy-care plants that continue to flower and produce fruit providing sufficient water and fertilizer are available; prefers a lot of light, thrives in sun and semi-shade. Germination at 20-25°C, covered with plastic; maintain good moisture; germinates after 6-10 days, remove plastic after 10-14 days. Grow on with sufficient light and moisture at 18-20°C, later preferably a little cooler; +/- 7 weeks after sowing (or direct from plug) transplant in 9-11 cm pots and grow on with full light and plenty of water and regular fertilization (N:P:K=1:1:1). From 10 weeks after sowing adjust N:K ratio to 1:2. If necessary transplant into larger containers or hanging baskets once roots are well formed. Take care not to plant too deep, keep the heart of the plant slightly above the surface. PGRs not required. First flowers after 14-15 weeks after sowing, ripe fruit harvestable from 17-18 weeks after sowing.

In containers, pots, baskets or beds at a distance of 30 x 30 cm.Seed (1 seed per plug), or from Plugs (tray sizes vary according to supplier)

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