Viola x wittrockiana Ultima Morpho

Gold Medal

Viola Ultima Morpho, with its intriguing butterfly pattern petals and unique blue and yellow colour combination, is an exciting new development in the ever popular garden pansy. The Fleuroselect judges were abundant in their praise for this freely flowering, beautifully coloured variety. Ultima Morpho provides a mass of small (5cmø) flowers on a compact plant with an excellent growing habit. No garden is complete without pansies, and no gardener will be able to resist the ultimate beauty of Ultima Morpho.

Viola Ultima Morpho is also the recipient of the All-America Selections award for performance in North American trials. 


As a spring pansy, Ultima Morpho will delight from April to June, and in Autumn from September to December, producing a continuous mass of medium-size flowers. Regular dead-heading will prolong the display, which can be used to brighten up borders in the garden, decorate the patio in pots or brighten up the balcony in window boxes.

Market Value

The 'Ultima' series of pansies has long been a favourite amongst gardeners and offers an exhaustive range of beautiful colours. This series is extended, enriched and taken into a new dimension with the introduction of 'Ultima Morpho. Whilst Viola 'Ultima Morpho' is ideal for professional gardeners, it is also easy to grow from seed for the keen amateur gardener. A pansy which has no equal.

Background Information

The family Violaceae recognises more than 31 different species, all of which have distinguishable common features, but also differ widely in terms of size, shape, colour and habit. Viola x wittrockiana is well known to all gardeners as the 'common pansy', but there is nothing at all common about the beautiful new variety 'Ultima Morpho'! On the contrary, this intriguing variety is simply unique. It is named after a butterfly that is native to Costa Rica, because the intriguing blue and yellow colour combination of the petals forms a pattern which is clearly reminiscent of these tropical creatures. In a light breeze, it is almost possible to imagine that 'Ultima Morpho's abundant flowers are about to take flight!


Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
Masses of uniquely coloured flowers on a compact plant
Blue with lemon yellow centre and ray
Small, 5 cm diameter, single flowers
Flowering Period:
April to June from spring production or September to December from autumn production
Annual, F1 hybrid, tetraploid
Bedding and container plant
800 seeds per gram
Compact, 15 cm high, 15 cm wide

Sow in greenhouse, transplant and grow as other pansies

Plant out at 15 x 15 cm in a sunny spot or in a container on the patio

Registration details

Entry number:
Protection Period:
15 years
Expiry Date: