Viola Velour Blue

Gold Medal

New and according to expectations, Viola Velour Blue emerged triumphantly from the Fleuroselect trials. The long-awaited mini pansy, Velour Blue is a striking, profusely-flowering pansy with almost perfectly rounded flowers. Following a short cultivation period Velour Blue flowers early and long. Velour Blue is unusually decorative in the plant pot, surpassed only by its full glory later in the garden. Due to its uniform and rapid growth Velour Blue is moreover an ideal plant for bedding plant growers and has rightly been awarded the coveted Fleuroselect Gold Medal.

In detail

The new mini pansy Viola Velour Blue has inherited its characteristics from the Viola cornuta and the Viola wittrockiana. This has resulted in a compact and uniform pansy with an extremely short germination period, that can be delivered early and proceeds to bloom long and plentifully. Rightly Fleuroselect awarded Velour Blue with its Gold Medal. This Fleuroselect Gold Medal has previously been awarded to pansies such as Jolly Joker, Imperial Gold Princess, Padparadja and last year to Imperial Frosty Rose. Gradually, a select offering of early flowering bedding plants has evolved to which `Velour Blue' will now be added. Furthermore, the early flowering Bellis perennis Robella is a Fleuroselect prize winner. The violet-blue lower petals of the Velour Blue migrate gradually into the upper light blue petals. The yellow eye shines out into the blue at the centre of the flower. The shape of both the flower and the petal is practically round. Due to the excellent germination, the short cultivation period and specifically the uniformity,`Velour Blue' is an excellent choice for "Professionals". Amateur gardeners however, will also appreciate this new pansy for planting both in the late summer for early flowering in the autumn and spring, as well as in the spring for flowering in the summer. All these characteristics make Viola Velour Blue a charming addition for the year-round gardener.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
Short germination, uniformity, abundant and long flowering period
Violet-blue with light blue border and yellow centre
La nouvelle mini-pensée Viola `Velour Blue'a hérité des qualités de Violas cornuta et Viola wittrockiana. Le résultat est une pensée compacte et uniforme, avec une très courte période de germination, qui peut être mise en marché très tôt et fleurit beauco
Bedding plant growers and hobby gardeners
1500 seeds per gram, approx. 90% germination
Compact in the pot, 16 x 18 cm in the garden

Sow, plant out and grow as other pansies

Sow, plant out and grow as other pansies

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