Impatiens walleriana Victorian Rose

Gold Medal

The double Impatiens Victorian Rose is an exceptionally uniform plant with a short cultivation period under glass and a long and happy life in the garden. Especially outside it gives a magnificent show which is kept up come rain or shine. The pink-red double flowers contrast superbly with the dark green leaves. Victorian Rose is for all these reasons a real breakthrough and has rightly been awarded the Fleuroselect Gold Medal. It should inject new life into the Impatiens crop as did the introduction of the New Guinea type.

Impatiens Victorian Rose is also the recipient of the All-America Selections award for performance in North American trials. 

In detail

Who can imagine that the well known and ever loved Impatiens walleriana only started its advance through the world of flowers after the war. It was the American breeder Claude Hope who brought the Busy Lizzie from its source in tropical Africa to the gardens of the western world. Many sorts of Impatiens were known throughout the world, but no one had previously recognized their potential ornamental value. Of course years of clever breeding and selection work were required and even today there is probably no garden plant receiving as much attention from the breeders as the Impatiens. You would think that the possibilities have been exhausted, but the opposite is true. Again and again breeders are able to combine almost impossible colours and characteristics in one plant. A prime example of this is the new variety 'Victorian Rose'. Impatiens 'Victorian Rose' is very early and uniform, but primarily beautiful. It has gorgeous half filled pink-red flowers which contrast perfectly against the dark green leaves. Not only is it very early, but it also flowers, whatever the weather, right on into the season until it finally has to bow out to the frost. No other double Impatiens from seed delivers a comparable performance. Reasons enough for Fleuroselect the international organisation of flower breeders to award this breakthrough with a Gold Medal. The superiority of 'Victorian Rose' does not just become apparent in the garden or pot. In the grower's greenhouse or in the garden centre, it is already obvious that we are dealing with a very special plant. The salesman should therefore label the variety clearly to imprint in the mind of the consumer: "This is Impatiens 'Victorian Rose'." Fleuroselect will reinforce this recommendation with the Gold Medal. 'Victorian Rose' prefers a moderately sunny or shaded spot in the garden or patio, hanging in pots, alone or together with small-flowered varieties. In combination with for instance white Lobularia (Alyssum) 'Snow Crystals' or deep blue Lobelia 'Midnight Blue' it is just perfect.

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
Uniform, half filled or double flowers, rapid and compact growth
Double flower, approx. diameter 4 cm
Flowering Period:
April until early November
F1 hybrid, diploid, annual
Patio, balcony and garden plant, greenhouse production
1200 seeds per gram, 90% germination at 22°C in 5-7 days if kept covered and damp
Height 20 cm, diameter 35 cm, dark green leaves

Sow in February. Grow on at 18-20°C

Plant out after the last frosts in a moderately sunny or shady spot

Registration details

Syngenta/Goldsmith Seed
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