Petunia Wave Lavender

Gold Medal

Riding the crest of the incredibly successful Petunia Wave series, Wave Lavender is the first ever lavender trailing petunia from seed. Petunia is undoubtedly the product of the moment, and the excellent spread and cascading habit of Wave Lavender, combined with its unique, delicate colour will endear it to all gardeners. It will continue to please them from May through to October, whether in the garden, in patio tubs or shown to full effect in hanging baskets. Growers too will delight in an easy to grow, highly desirable seed petunia which performs very well in the pack. Wave Lavender may just be the perfect petunia!

Wave Lavender is also the recipient of the All-America Selections award for performance in North American trials. 

IN detail

Petunia belongs to the family of Solanaceae, and has its origins in Argentina, Southern Brazil and Uruguay. Although Petunias were introduced to Europe many years ago, they are indisputably the trend product of recent times. This classic garden favourite has over the last few years enjoyed a marked increase in popularity, and Petunias are currently available in a wide variety of shapes, colours and sizes. One of the most popular types of Petunia is the spreading or hanging Petunia, and in this category the 'WonderWave' series has been immensely successful. This spreading Petunia is easy to grow, and gives outstanding performance in hanging baskets, pots, window boxes, garden beds or anywhere else where it is planted, producing masses of flowers along the cascading branches. In the garden, a single plant can quickly spread up to 1.2m in just a few weeks, making it excellent ground cover. This variety flowers freely all season, and gardeners are pleasantly surprised by its weather tolerance, since this was a common disadvantage of Petunias in the past. Gardeners who have already been impressed by the 'WonderWave' series will be delighted with the introduction of 'WonderWave Lavender'. This petunia has all the excellent garden habits which identify it as a true 'WonderWave', and has in addition a characteristic that sets it apart from every other seed raised spreading Petunia – its stunning lavender colour. The hottest product of the moment, in the hottest colour of the moment – from professional grower to hobby gardener, everybody will want 'WonderWave Lavender'!

Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
Beautiful new flower colour, good weather tolerance, spreads & cascades
Single flowers, 5.5 cm diameter
Flowering Period:
May to October
Annual, F1 hybrid, diploid
Bedding and container plant, suitable for hanging baskets
Spreading (cascading) form, 10 cm high, 120 cm wide with dark green oval shaped leaves.

Sow in February at 24ºC. Grow on at 18ºC. Assimilation light recommended during the short-day period. Transplant outside after the danger of frost has passed.

Plant out at 40 cm x 40 cm in a sunny spot

Registration details

PanAmerican Seed
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