Zinnia marylandica Zahara Sunburst

Gold Medal Approved Novelty

Impossible to enjoy a sunny spot in the garden when cloudy or raining? Not anymore thanks to Zinnia marylandica Zahara Sunburst! This lovely annual ensures some sun in the garden all summer long. Its unique Red & Yellow bicolour flower pattern is a first in Zinnia marylandica. The flowers bursts open gold, followed by the appearance of a red stripe down the centre of each petal. Cold night temperatures will thicken the stripe, warm nights and the use of PGR in the greenhouse will diminish it. A surprising bicolour effect!

In detail

Fleuroselect awards genuine breeding breakthroughs with a Gold Medal. This exciting Zinnia scored exceptionally high in the garden trials with a 1.8 out of 2.0 for innovation. Especially the new red-yellow bicolour pattern and the floriferousness stood out during the trials. The jury unanimously agreed that Zahara Sunburst has added garden appeal for the consumer and considered it a worthy Gold Medal winner.


Zahara Sunburst is a great addition to spring-summer bedding programs as it is highly suitable for packs and 9cm / 10.5 cm pots. This sun lover will thrive well in a humus-rich, well-drained, fertile soil. Zinnias look at their best in borders and beddings, but also shine in containers.

Market value

With its new red-yellow bicolor colour pattern, Zinnia marylandica Zahara Sunburst will surely convince at retail and consumer level. The striking colour pattern will stand out on the shelves and draw consumers to instant purchase. Both growers and consumers will also love ‘Zahara Sunburst’ for its resistance against diseases such as common fungal and bacterial leaf spots.

Background information

Zinnia is a genus of the family Asteraceae and native to an area stretching from the Southwestern United States to South America. The marylandica species is a hybrid cross developed in the University of Maryland, from which it takes its name, in the early 1980s. The Zinnia Zahara series, first introduced in 2009, of¬fers strong, disease resistant plants with outstanding heat and drought tolerability and unique, bright colours. Zahara Sunburst brings true novelty in colour to the marylandica range and has all it takes to become and remain a successful garden performer.


Technical information

Novelty Characteristic:
Zahara Sunburst is the first Red and Yellow bicolor in Zinnia marylandica.
Yellow Fire Bicolor
Flowering Period:
Spring through frost
Annual, O.P., tetraploid
Bedding plant
500 seeds per gram
Height 40 cm, spread 40 cm

Sow seeds at 20°-22°C in April. Apply a medium layer of vermiculite at sowing. Maintain 95% relative humidity until cotyledons emerge. Grow at 18°C. Transplant from plugs af­ter three weeks. If needed, use 2 applications of B-nine/Alar (daminozide) at 1,600 ppm (1.9 g/l 85% formulation or 2.5 g/l of 64% formulation). Starting 1 week after transplant, apply fertilizer at rate 175 to 225 ppm N/1.2 to 1.5 mS/cm using predominantly nitrate-form fertilizer with low phospho­rus. Maintain the media EC at 1.50 to 2.00 mS/cm and pH at 5.8 to 6.2.

Plant out at a distance of 30 cm x 30 cm in a sunny spot.

Registration details

PanAmerican Seed
Entry number:
Protection Period:
25 years
Expiry Date: